Need help? How to submit a good support request

We're here to help! But to get you the quickest and best solution, we need a clear picture of your problem, what you're trying to achieve, and what you've already tried.

Often the quickest answer will already be available in the Help Centre. So always check here first for the quickest solution to your problem. If you're still stuck, or need further information, then get in touch!

Here are some tips on how to send us a really clear support request that we can pick up and action quickly, and get you a solution fast.

1. Give us the context as well as the problem

  • What were you trying to do and what did you expect to happen/what do you want to happen? If we know what you're trying to achieve it will be a lot easier for us to help you out. There might be another, or even a better way to deliver your goal.

  • How urgent is it?Tell us about the current impact of the problem: is your action live? Have you just sent an email directing supporters to it? Or is there a launch deadline coming up in a day or two?

2. Tell us exact steps to reproduce the problem

Giving us the following information in your first message will help us to help you quickly. We will want to be able to rule out factors that aren't causing the issue and focus in on possible theories. So being specific really helps.

  • How did the problem come about?Always specify the behaviour that led to the issue. In other words: give us a step-by-step description of exactly what you did, where you clicked, and what happened next. In order to find out what exactly needs to be fixed, we need to be able to copy what you did and get the same result.

  • What's the problem? - if something is missing, then where/what? If there’s an error message, what does it say?

  • Where? Send us the URL of the page where you're experiencing the problem, ideally with the node ID ( You can always see the node ID in the URL when you are in the editing mode. More info on finding your node ID here.

  • When? - when does it happen? After login? Only at 5pm? After a release/update of ours?

  • Who is affected? - who is trying to do this, who do the errors show up for? Are you logged in as an admin or not at all?

  • Information on browser and operating system (with version) - especially if the issue is not consistent between browsers. Find out what your browser and operating system is here. Does the same issue happen on a different browser or on your mobile phone and/or desktop PC?

3. A picture says more than a thousand emails

Feel free to send us screenshots or even screen recordings!

4. Short and helpful email subject

Please make sure you describe your ticket in a helpful way in your subject.
Note: a subject containing "automatic reply" may land in our spam filter :)

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