GeoIP language redirect: Redirect your supporters to their language based on their Geo IP

If you have multiple languages on your Impact Stack installation, and you want that your supporters land on the right language right away this is the solution for you!

How does this work?

This module directs users entering the site to a translation based on their GeoIP. With the help of a library that matches the IP to its country, we can direct supporters to their language right away. If you have content in several languages available this comes in very handy, as it saves supporters from viewing content in a language they might not understand and from taking the extra step to get to their language. Of course if you're an English speaking person living in a German speaking country, you'll probably still need to manually switch your language.

more onion developed two versions of this functionality:

GeoIP language redirect version 1.x:

This older version of the module works on the server side and was very customized for a specific use case. We now made a new version that is available as a feature for all Impact Stack installations.

GeoIP language redirect version 2.x:

The new version is entirely JavaScript-based. If users load the page for the first time, they will see a short loading screen, while the script loads the page in the language based on the geo-location of their IP. You can view an example of this loading screen at our homepage: Either clear your browser cache, as the site will remember you language choice or for the whole experience: use a webproxy and try out an IP of a german or english speaking country to see the module in action.

Technical details

If you are interested, you can get more technical details on the Drupal project page or on Github.

After install, be sure to set your language code to the according ISO country code with help of the variable "geoip_redirect_mapping"!

How to get it?

If your hosting with us, just write a quick note to ;-)

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