What else can we do for you with your support time?

As well as routine fixes and help, here are a few ideas of how support can help you, and make the most of your support hours.

Your Impact Stack subscription includes up to 2h of support time every month (non transferable), with additional time billed by the hour. Many clients find it helpful to invest in packages of additional support hours, available at a discounted rate 5h, 10h or 20h, so they feel confident that they’ve budgeted for the help they need. These can be bought to be used flexibly over a six month period Jan-June or July-December, with remaining time rolled over once. Please contact us for details.



As well as packages of self-guided introductory training, with additional Q and A sessions with one of our expert team, we can also deliver bespoke training on specific areas by the hour, such as:

  • Using conditional fields
  • Personalising the on-page journey: using conditional and personalised thank you pages
  • Translations
  • Your Impact Stack data (accessing your Nextcloud folders)
  • Making the most of your Impact Stack to email tool intregrations - how to use Impact Stack to deliver segmented and/or automated emails (using one of the email tools we integrate with)

Support time needed: From 2h support credits (not the included monthly 2h allowance), according to requirements - get in touch for more info.


Enable Match to Target

Use the Match to Target action type to collect messages from your supporters for a target or targets without sending the emails to that target. You can then repackage your supporters' messages and deliver them to your target in a different way.

To start using them you’ll need support to enable the Match to Target action type in your installation - contact support if you’d like to get this done.

Support time needed: 2-3h


Enable Internal Page Titles

Internal page titles allow you to give your actions a public, supporter-facing title and one for internal use for logged in Impact Stack users. When we enable the feature, all content items will have an additional field 'Internal page title' underneath the 'Title' field.

To start using them you’ll need support to enable Internal Page Titles in your installation - contact support if you’d like to get this done.

Support time needed: 2-3h


Data imports

Depending on how you’re managing your data, it could be useful to import data into your Impact Stack from other sources, for example importing email subscribers you’ve collected from other sources so that you can handle their opt in status correctly. More info here on why you might want to import data into your Impact Stack.

Support time needed: 2-3 hours +, depending on complexity.



Audit your Impact Stack

A general ‘tidy up’ can be useful, especially if your installation has been in use for a long time, or you’ve had a few staff changes. We can check over your installation and make suggestions of follow up tasks.

For example, we could ensure all legacy content is redirected to a relevant location. Or we could look at your action templates - the default configurations used when you create a new content item. We can review these, check against your current and foreseeable requirements and document for your records.

We could also do a targeted audit of your opt ins - review that your opt-ins are set up consistently and correctly across all current actions and form templates, and document this set-up for you to review internally and save for your records.

Support time needed: 2-3h to do the audit and make recommendations, plus any additional tasks you’d prefer us to do for you.

Data expiry

Under data protection rules, you should not retain personal data for longer than necessary, so we recommend that you review and clean up your Impact Stack data on a regular basis.

When to expire data is up to you as the data controller; there’s no way for us to know when the purpose of a petition or other form has been fulfilled. But we can expire data on request. Find out more about data expiry.

Support time needed: 1-5h, depending on requirements


Help with tracking

Tracking is normally set up during onboarding - is it time to check whether your tracking is set up to get you the data you need? We can check what tracking scripts are currently running (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixel), and give you an overview of what our modules/integrations can do.

Support time needed: ~1h for initial review and briefing, plus time for any follow up tasks


Support you to design and launch on-page A/B tests

We can:

  • Teach you how to use tracking to accurately assess test performance
  • Help you to choose the right testing variables and testing approach

Support time needed: 3-4h+ (depending on approach)


Check your data flows

We can review and make sure all the data that could be usefully synched to your mailing tool is being synced correctly. For example, if you have collected UK postcodes for supporters in Impact Stack, the system will have added the UK region/nation, Constituency and MP salutation to the record. You can synch this data into your mailing platform to use for personalisation or segmentation.

Support time needed: ~1h for initial review and briefing, plus time for any follow up tasks


Help you get ready for Facebook ads

Are you planning to run a supporter recruitment push through Facebook advertising?

We can help you to:

  • Make sure your tracking is set up properly so you get accurate results and can track recruited supporters in a way that lets you review their long term performance (not just the cost per signup)
  • Set up a Facebook pixel to track your primary ad metric (e.g. email list opt ins, or donations made)
  • Provide advice on ways you can optimise your form to increase your conversion and opt in rates

Support time needed: 3-4h+

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