Why does my site look broken in 'specific browsers'?

1. Does the problem appear only for a few persons?

You could not reproduce the problem your colleagues or supporters are describing? Even while using the exact same browser and operating system? You already tried to shut down and restart your device, without change on the way the side looks? 

Is the concerned browser Internet Explorer? Then you might want to try disabling the compatibility view:

  1. In Internet Explorer Options > Compatibility View Settings

  2. delete the site domain (and its subdomain) to Compatibility View.

  3. You might also need to deactivate the Compatibility view for all sites.

  4. eload the tab or restart the browser.

Is the concerned browser Safari? Then you might want to delete the history and website data on your device:

  1. Go to Settings > Safari

  2. Click on 'Clear History and Website data'

If none of the steps above did solve the problem, then please write to support@more-onion.com with a detailed problem description as written below :-)

2. Does the problem appear for a lot of persons, or for a lot of various browsers?

There might be a problem with your installation. Please write us immediately with a precise description of the 'broken' part of the site, containing at least:

  • the URL of the page(s) where you noticed the problem
  • a screenshot of the problem and a description of what you expected instead of what is to be seen on the image
  • the browser(s) where the problem occur, with its version number, as well as the operating system(s), with version. Examples would be Windows 10, Android 7.1.2. If possible, send us for example the results from https://www.whatismybrowser.com.
  • how it does impact you or your supporters. Is the action live? Was it communicated already?

For more details on how to formulate your request and for a quicker and better answer from our side, please have a look here.

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