Wording, or What's a node? Where do I find a form key?


Sometimes when you use the UserGuide, Support, or Impact Stack in general, you will stumble upon maybe unknown wordings and phrases, like "node" or "module". Be sure to comment if you don't find explanations for them in the following:


you can add additional functionality to drupal (and therefore Impact Stack) by adding modules. Modules are a package of code that can be added in a modular way - like an app ;-). Impact Stack uses Impact Stack modules, Drupal7 core modules and community contributed modules.


The Drupal speak for the page you are on. You can quickly find out what node number you are on, when you hover your mouse over edit and  look at the left bottom of your browser, for the URL. Most pages get a nice and readable URL redirect, so it's better not only for Users but also Search Enginges. But since titles, and with them redirects change, the node-URL is the one and only static link to your page.

Alt & Title

If you upload an image via Impact Stack, you will be asked to provide a Alt- and Title-Text. Both are important for screen readers (-> accessibility) and user experience:

Alt-Text    The text shown, when you hover over the image

Title-Text    The text written here is shown if the image cannot be rendered for any reason. Additionally this text can be processed by screen readers and makes pages more accessible for people who have visual disabilities.


The form you make and edit where users insert their personal information as Name and e-mail address

Form key

If you edit your action and go to the form step, you will see every field of your form (even the hidden ones). if you click the small pencil icon on the right you will be able to edit your field.

You will see the title (as it is displayed to users) and the form key (as it is read by the software). It is possible to change the title to anything you would like, but the form key is crucial for functionality. Don't change them if you don't know exactly what you are doing! Mostly you will need the form key somewhere else, like in your email marketing tool, to fit the fields to your Impact Stack fields, or if you set up a new payment method. Also, the form key is used as title in your webform results.

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