Where can I edit the share email?

Customize your Share page here:

For global configuration

Manage > Advanced Settings > Site settings > Share Light or via URL: yourpage.impact-stack.org/admin/config/content/share-light/email

On every content page / node 

You will see right between the view and edit link "E-Mail share" which helps you customizing it specially for this page. There is also the shortcut via URL: yourpage.impact-stack.org/node/123/share-settings)

Depending on how you configured the share settings for a page, you have to choose the email share edit button accordingly:

a) No share URL is provided in the settings: the action node will be shared --> use the email share button on the action page

Please note: while testing your share settings, be aware that if you reach the thank you page directly, you will only see the share page of the thank you page!

b) You've manually entered a share url in the form "node/x": node x will be shared --> use the email share button on node x

c) You've entered a nice, readable url as share url: this url will be shared, but Impact Stack doesn't know whether that's an internal node having it's own email share settings or not, so it uses the setting from the thank you page instead --> use the email share button on the thank you page

Impact Stack uses Share Light Module for this feature, you might find more technical info on the drupal.org project page



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