The Impact Stack bar - Find your pages!

Impact Stack bar

Once logged in, you will see this toolbar at the top of your browser tab:

Let’s take a closer look a the buttons you have


The house -  will take you to your front page.

Manage -  will take you to the admin part of Impact Stack. Here you can see what action are published and which ones you have saved as drafts, as admin you can configurate default information, create new users and a bunch of other stuff.

New - let’s you create new content in Impact Stack. By clicking on it you will see a variety of pages you can create.

Your account - Here you can change password and email for your account

Help & Support - will redirect to 

Logout - log out from your account

Upwards arrow - will minimize the Impact Stack bar, only the arrow on the right top remains, this way you can get more feeling for how your site looks if your not logged in.

Using “Content & Actions”

  • Go to your Impact Stack Bar
  • Click “Manage”
  • Click “Content & Actions”

You now see a list with all the actions and pages you have. A LOT of actions. But you’re searching for something specific. For example the old e-mail protest about cute kittens. How can you find it?

Option 1: Using the content & actions search

Type in a word which is likely to be in the title. For our example “kitt”. You don’t even have to finish the word and you can already see the throbber indicating, that Impact Stack has started “thinking”.

When you click on “Show translations” you can see all the languages this e-mail protest was translated to. To the right in green you see “Draft” which means these e-mail protests are not published. When they are you’ll see a small blue field saying “Published”.

Option 2: Using the content & actions filter

Let’s say you want to see all pages you have in Dutch.

  • Click on “Add filter”
  • Choose “Language” and select “Nederland”

You now see a long list of pages that were done or translated for the Netherlands.

However, which one of these were published? Let’s add another filter.

  • Click on “Add filter”
  • Choose “Publishing state” and select “Published”

Your list has grown quite a bit shorter. You realize, some of this is the Furry Campaign and some of it is the Cutie Campaign. How much of it exactly is the Cutie Campaign? Let’s

  • Click on “Add filter”
  • Choose “Campaign” and select “Cutie”

But you want to see the unpublished ones to so you click on the “x” at the right of the “publishing state” field.

You’ll see quite a few pages. In this case, most of them are not published.

  • Bulk edit

If you wanted to edit them all at once, for example to publish them all at once you can choose the checkbox “Select all” and then click on “Bulk edit” to the right.

Choose “Publish”, confirm and all is published and live.

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