Set up a donation page

Set up a donation page

As well as campaigning actions such as petitions and email to target actions, you can use Impact Stack to take donations to your cause.  We'll need to set up one or more payment options for you - you can see a full list of the available payment providers here.

If you haven't had donation pages enabled at onboarding, we can do this for you at any time - just contact support.

You create a new donation page by clicking New > Donation page. The first (content) step is the same as for a petition, so take a look at the Set up a petition article for details.

Once you've created your content, go back to the top and click on the red button "Next".


The form will contain the fields and configuration set up in your default Action Template for donation pages. See the Action Templates article for more information on this. Just like any other Impact Stack form, you can add and configure the fields you want. But remember people are more likely to complete a shorter form than a longer one, so just keep it to the data you really need.

There are some fields which are specific to donation forms.

Customise donation amount

This field allows your supporter to choose how much to donate. You'll want the Validation always to be set to Required - you can't process a donation unless you know how much the person wants to give.

In the Properties Tab of this field you can toggle"Allow "Other..." on or off, according to whether you want supporters to be able to choose their own donation amount.

On the Options Tab you can add or change the suggested donation amounts and decide whether you want one to be preselected as the default value.

NB When making adding or reordering donation prompt amounts take special care that the Value (what the supporter can see) matches the key (the figure the system will treat as the donation amount). 

Click 'Customize keys' to 'On' to see the keys alongside the values, and check they match.



Donation interval

You can set up your form to take a single donation, or a regular payment (depending on your available payment options). In the Options tab of this field you can customise which donation intervals you'd like supporters to choose from, for example once, monthly and yearly, or just once and monthly.


         The keys are:

         1 -> for one off donations

         m -> for monthly donations

         y -> for yearly donations

If you only want the form to accept one off donations, you can remove this field. If it's not there, the system will assume that the donation is a one off.

It's possible to have your form set up to offer different prompt amounts according to whether the user selects once or monthly in the donation interval field. Contact support if you'd like to find out more.

Payment method

Here you can decide which payment methods to offer on this form.  Click on the pencil to open the field for editing and see all the options which are active and configured in your installation - see the list of options for payment providers.


If you want your forms to accept multiple currencies, or to take different currencies via different translations we'll normally have set this up for you at onboarding. Contact support if you would like to make any changes to this.


You set these up in the same way as a petition form or other action. Details of how to set up your transactional emails here.


Again this works in the same way as other content types. Find out more about setting up your share options and setting up personalised thank you page redirects.


This final step allows you to check everything, and either save as draft or publish. Either way, we always recommend testing a new form thoroughly, in a range of browsers and devices, to make sure it's working the way you want before you launch it.

Happy fundraising!

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