Email to Target: Custom Datasets

The Email to Target tool offers a range of pre-loaded datasets, such as MPs or representatives, depending on your installation and your location. (More on target datasets here.)

It's also possible to add your own target data set including one or many targets to recieve emails from your supporters. This video walks you through the process, and we have also explained it below. 

Adding a custom dataset

  1. On the 'Target' step of your new email to target action you can select dataset by clicking on "Edit your target dataset".


    It will open up a box that holds all available data sets - both the ones we provide, and any you have added to your installation.

  2. On the right upper corner you will find a button labelled "Add new dataset".


  3. You will see a new dialogue box that will allow you to edit your new dataset. You have two options here:
      • Add each target manually by clicking on the individual empty fields and adding the data directly. Remember to click the 'save' button to complete the entry. You an add another record by clicking on "Add a new target" on the left bottom side.
      • Upload your own CSV file. There's an option to download a csv file to use as a template; your upload will need to feature the same headers as the table to allow matching entries.


  4. Click 'Save' to complete setting up your custom dataset.

This dataset will now be available in the list on the second step described in this article. And this dataset can of course be edited and modified.

Note: Once you've created a custom dataset, it is available for all your Email to Target actions. Editing a dataset on one action will also change it for any other actions using it, including live actions.

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