Email to target: testing your action using test mode

Important! - Impact Stack actions still send emails even when they’re still in draft!

So in order to fully test your email to target actions, particularly if you have complex filters and tailored messages set up, you should use test mode. You can access this from the Confirm step, or from the top of your draft action when you View it when logged in.


If you take an action in test mode, all the emails to target will be sent to the email address you put in when you fill in the form. This allows you to check that the right emails are delivered and all your filters are working as expected.

When in test mode, you’ll be able to see ‘test mode’ in the address bar:


And this message will also display above the message step, so you know that the messages will not be sent to the targets.


It’s best to publish actions before giving them a final round of testing in order to fully test share options. This is only possible once the action is live because the metadata is not available until then.




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